The Hot Wife Components

Not with My Wife, You Don't!The components of a hot wife according to our formula is going to vary wife-to-wife, but ultimately, there are certain basic human qualities (AKA the hot wife components) that we’ve all got in common.

We care about how we look, whether our style is glam, geek or tomboy. We are confident in the way we carry ourselves and adorn our bodies, regardless of our size, ethnicity or culture. We each have wardrobes that work for our personal style and appropriate beauty products (or lack thereof) for our personal beauty routines.

We love our husbands and we aren’t afraid to show it, every day. We love ourselves as well, and our kids, if we have them, and we show that too.

Basic Qualities of a Hot Wife

  • A Hot Wife is a Healthy Wife
  • A Hot Wife is Her Own Kind of Stylish
  • A Hot Wife is 100 Percent, Authentically Herself
  • A Hot Wife is Her Own Kind of Sexy
  • A Hot Wife is Still IN LOVE With Her Husband

See the detailed explanations behind each definition, right here.


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