Hot Wife Glossary

FRHUMP (Former Raving Hottie Under Major Pressure): A term that refers to a wife and/or mom who has lost the will to be hot. But she’s here because she has the desire to find it again–and we’ll help her do it.

Hot Wife: Someone who has de-FRHUMPed herself and is actively taking care of her body, mind and spirit–plus, her home, life and relationships. Oh, and she looks SUPER HOT while she does it all.  Learn more.

Personal Passion Plan (P3): Your Personal Passion Plan is your very own manual for managing your life. Learn more.

Daily Dazzle Drills(D3): Your Daily Dazzle Drills are sent to you during the first 30 days of your Hot Wife Society membership. They are just mini-routine reminders sent to you throughout each day when you opt-in to the D3 list. They help you to build the positive habits that will become your Red Hot Routines!  Learn more.

Hot Wife Imperatives: The Hot Wife Imperatives are a set of “rules” or guidelines to becoming a hot wife. The Imperatives are one of our primary concepts for changing your Self and your life. By implementing these basic rules, you can launch a permanent and positive change in your life.

GIFT (Get It Finished Today): The Hot Wife “get it done now” theory

SASS (Stop It At Smoulder, Sista): The Hot Wife theory of dealing with messes when they’re “smouldering” (before they become “fires” that we can’t manage easily)

Smoulders: The little areas and situations in your life that you need to deal with before they become “unmanageable” fires.

Red Hot Routines: The day-to-day routines that make us hot wives.